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Like cars, a normal oil change service, regular check-ups are essential to a car’s health, so does our own body. We always believe that prevention is better than cure. In WaWaWii, we understand that time is essential to every one of us. We are doing our best to provide a gateway to attend to all your health needs, from early diagnosis and health screening to treatment and operation, because we care about your well-being and we do believe that you can get the best out of it from our platform, this is because, “Your Health is Our Priority” “WaWaWii” is a revolutionary medical booking platform, whether you are a healthy person, a tourist or an individual who seek diagnosis or treatment. You can always come to our platform to locate the best hospital based on your comfortable price range for medical checkups, you can also book your health screening, diagnosis, treatment based on your availability, we provide that convenience to you and at competitive rates from long lists of participating hospital worldwide. We also provide other features to you, on reminding you on your last visit to dentist, latest health screening promotion, etc. Know More


Medical Tourism
Our mission is to bridge the customer and medical supplier by providing innovative medical platform to all parties. Know More
WeChat MiniProgram
We are WeChat technology partner for a new sales & marketing platform – WeChat Mini Program Know More
We are the premier lifestyle clinic of Kuala Lumpur offering the latest anti-aging treatments and specializing in regenerative medicine Know More
Community App
We care about our community and we do believe that you can get the best out of it from our platform. This is simply because, “Your are our priority”


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